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Bloody Hawaii - Collaboration with choreographer Bernie Lewis and Link Dance Company premiered Geoff Gibbs Theatre 4-6 June 2021.



Stasis - music for a slowing down world. Ambient LP self-released.


Striations by Striations - 6 track EP with Stuart Orchard on vocals and Ben Greene on drums, recorded at WAAPA, 2019.

Soundmarks: Patina Of Memory a 45-minute ambient work commissioned by the Fremantle Biennale for bass clarinet, double bass, percussion and electronics. November 17, 2019.

Soundmarks multi-speaker array installation commissioned by the Fremantle Biennale at the Western Australian Shipwrecks Museum - collaboration with Jenn Garland. 1-24 November, 2019.

Degrees of Separation - for laptop, prepared piano and bass clarinet (text score). Performed at Spectrum Project Space.

Salt, two wrens and a knock at the door - Lake Walyungup, Warnbro. Soundscape commission for First Encounters exhibition at Mandurah Performing Arts Centre (May 3). Dimensions variable.

Electronic / amplified objects improvisation with jazz drummer Christian Marien (GER) at PICA Gallery for Audible Edge Festival (Tone List Records).


Apply Within composition and performance for In Situ dance season with choreographer Sarah Chaffey and dancers Mitchell Aldridge and Melissa Tan.

Hyperreal 2.0 for bass clarinet, double bass, percussion, laptop, 7 loudspeakers, 4 microphones, ipad decibel scoreplayer, electronic soundscapes and mounted installation.

Swash for WALO using ipad (decibel scoreplayer), 4 laptops, fixed media, 8 speakers. Performed at Spectrum Project Space.

Environmental Suppression Loops for laptop, fixed media, 8 loudspeakers, 5 microphones, 4 performers. Performed at Music Auditorium, WAAPA.

Simulacra II for Ensemble Offspring (Flute, Clarinet, Piano, Percussion), fixed media, ipad decibel score player app. Performed Subiaco Arts Centre.

Simulacra II for Grey Wing Ensemble (Flute, Clarinet, Harp, Electric Guitar, Double Bass), fixed media, ipad decibel score player app. Performed at Cool Change Contemporary.

Meridian Arc Soundtrack for quadraphonic installation. Warrick Palmateer Confluence exhibition John Curtin Gallery.

Built to Last Soundtrack for fixed media and amplified objects. Jenn Garland exhibition PS Art Space.

Surface Tension series of improvisations for laptop, using acoustic feedback loops, piano accordion, bells, kalimba, battery theremin. Performed at Paper Mountain.

When Harri Met Salma OST

Embers OST

Zero Waste OST

Radii EP - Theta released on Black Crane


I Am Sitting In A Simulacra, fixed media. Performed at Spectrum Project Space.

Digi-Social Echo Chamber for large ensemble. Performed at Perth Town Hall as part of Breaking Out: Totally Huge New Music Festival

A Message From Tomorrow's Master, fixed media.

Impressions, for improvised score.

Submerged Breathing, fixed media.

You, Me and Karen OST

Crazy For Baysie OST


Snatching Time, fixed media. Performed at Spectrum Project Space

Stuck In The System, for 7.1 surround. Performed at Spectrum Project Space.

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